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Deal with it Deal with it

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hahah hes dealing with it!! dealing with what hes done with the amount of time hes had in his large life, mr.guacamole hole of newgrounds. Deal with it! I love that caption and that popular joke, its like the voice of this new internet age, the kind of generation with the jokes irl, well played; quite epicly luis :D

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A nightly swordsman A nightly swordsman

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Luvz it. My critical is, maybe m ore swords next time. thank you fore listening to my review i really like the series on ng (newgrounds gold). Thank You.

Charizard Worship Charizard Worship

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey guys im just doing this ironically haha fooled you this commission was requested ironically too

Ace Pilot Poster Ads Ace Pilot Poster Ads

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uyo know what m8ey


P1K0 D4Y 2O11 P1K0 D4Y 2O11

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good picture

look at the funny jokes

darth vader suckin cack darth vader suckin cack

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look at this man


turtleco responds:

Imma lookin, but I ain't seein'

u mad bro? u mad bro?

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now this...Is Fl*ppin EPIC DId you just say!? lOL!!!! 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5!!!! EPIC WIN!!!!! EPIC WIN!!!! im literally lactating with excitement on seeing this funny Joke man on Newgrounds. Thank for putteing this on the front page. mods are gods!!! FTW!!! original content is dead with such an underground movement of hilarious joke spanning across the web AND GOOD RIDDANCE!!!.....fre*king EPiC..

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Jae responds:

thanks bro! hahaha wait... lactating? lol ty anyways!

No Limitations No Limitations

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this track was made by Kavinel

taking the work of others is low

An Ace up her sleeve! An Ace up her sleeve!

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Batman doesn't even look like this