Entry #1

my dad just makes out with his dumb bf and makes me play online

2012-06-07 02:52:27 by Snaws


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2012-06-07 19:56:22

What a dick

Snaws responds:

its only a matter of time before im too big to be contained


2012-08-08 13:07:35

You spammers are probably the funniest things on Newgrounds, everything you say is gold and makes me cry out laughing then I crawl back into my cave and start going wtf.

Snaws responds:

you think my life is funny? I wish I couldve been as lucky as mother...to be with her again id give anything


2012-08-08 16:41:44

y'know wut you just said to me just offended me because your life is not all bad we have starving kids in africa right now and your teenage angst is bad and you suck when I make out with your dad and make you play online is because I love you jimbob, I love you, someday I want to give birth to you all over again you faggot.

Snaws responds:

you stink


2012-08-09 18:57:01

You can crush a mans spirit anyday snaws.

Snaws responds:

I crushed a handfull of eggshells thinking about youre posts. I can easily manhandle yuo at the slightest whim dont make me crawl over my keyboard you grubby piece ofg shit


2012-08-14 21:05:26

killerrob is motherfucker IDIOT


2012-08-18 01:03:15

Wow your talking to me? I am the highest ranked member on newgrounds.com and you sir should go back to your shitty kongregate while us men are on newgrounds k?
If I EVER see you in my neighbourhood again you will see shit you have never seen before, your grave will be shit on.

Snaws responds:



2012-08-20 18:58:59

should I try harder?

Snaws responds:



2012-08-21 15:17:00